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Special Education Staff

  District-Wide Personnel  
Sharon Kight Director Special Ed 803-5021
Lori Carmichael-Howell Assistant Director 803-5022
Jennifer Goodman Behavioral Consultant 803-5705
Jennifer Lambert Data Entry Specialist 803-5059
Cassie Trimble Expelled Services, Nonpubs 803-5695
Ron Branca Psychologist - Nonpubs 803-8313
Amanda Futrell SPARC - CIP Teacher 803-5703
Dawn Millis Comm. Preschool Teacher 789-1677
Joy Lynn Polston Teacher: Blind & Low Vision 362-8194
Dana Ramsey Audiologist 789-1672
Kelli Link Supervisor: DHH 789-1625
Joanne Soller Teacher: Deaf/Hard of Hearing 789-1627
Tracey Collier Occupational Therapist 803-8287
Amy Littlepage Certified OT Assistant 803-8287
Holly Paquin Physical Therapist 803-8287
Julie Opel Physical Therapist Assistant 803-8287
Amy Spencer Occupational Therapist 803-8287
  Adams Elementary  
Melinda Pantazis Resource Teacher 803-4309
Brittany Rairdan Resource Teacher 803-4269
Bea Baron CIP Teacher 803-4256
Nancy Ferguson Speech/Language Pathologist 803-4284
Soufiane Benella School Psychologist 803-3456
  Arlington Elementary  
Annette Ashbrook Resource Teacher 803-5203
Jessica Ohime Resource Teacher 803-5219
Joyce Mitchko CIP Teacher 803-5259
Angela Black Speech/Language Pathologist 803-5244
Natalie Slider School Pscychologist 803-5355
  Bunker Hill Elementary  
Judy Gill Resource Teacher 803-3424
Amanda Day Resource Teacher 803-3406
Anna Knaup Speech/Language Pathologist 803-3439
Soufiane Benalla School Psychologist 803-3456
  Kitley Elementary  
Stephanie Beaton Resource Teacher 803-5914
Jessica Curtis Resource Teacher 803-5985
Megan Davis Resource Teacher 803-5962
Anna Isaacs Resource Teacher 803-5927
Christie Huber Teacher for ED Classroom 803-5937
Debbie Fowler Resource Teacher 803-5984
Rebecca Aponte CIP Teacher 803-5993
Gabriele (Gobby) Chesko Speech/Language Pathologist 803-5974
Taylor Brittain Speech/Language Pathologist 803-5972
Lara Szalkie School Psychologist 803-5987
Natalie Slider School Psychologist 803-5987
  Kitley Elementary / Preschool  
Amy Bertel Preschool Teacher 803-5973
Genny Hartley Preschool Teacher 803-5930
Cindy Haynes Preschool Teacher 803-5932
Cathe Keen Preschool Teacher 803-5986
Trina Kinsey PS Speech/Lang. Pathologist 803-5917
  South Creek Elementary  
Nicole Cahill Resource Teacher 803-4750
Rachael Russell Resource Teacher 803-4738
Meg Cade CIP Teacher 803-4734
Jan Grove Speech/Language Pathologist 803-4740
Amy Steinhofer PS Speech/Language Path. 803-4739
Kriste Chrzanowski School Psychologist 803-4708
  Thompson Crossing  
Leah Anderson Resource Teacher 803-4645
Lisa Denton Resource Teacher 803-4623
Lindsey Elliott CIP Teacher 803-4644
Karynn Arnett Speech/Language Pathologist 803-4618
Kriste Chrzanowski School Psychologist 803-4708
  Middle School East  
Barb Balbach Resource Teacher 803-8121
Amy Buckner Resource Teacher 803-8196
Rachel Moord Resource Teacher 803-8122
Christina Potter Teacher for ED Classroom 803-8194
Jessica Rittmeyer   Resource Teacher 803-8127
Laura Poracky Resource Teacher 803-8166
Courtney Bowman Resource Teacher  803-8177
Shannon McClard Resource Teacher 803-8194
Lindsey Foutz CIP Teacher 803-8169
Diane Heitmann CIP  Teacher 803-8097
Erin Carr Speech/Language Pathologist 803-8167
Keith Marlow School Psychologist 803-8252
  Middle School West  
Tammy Beck Resource Teacher 803-8229
Michael Foster Resource Teacher 803-8287
Sandy Herman Resource Teacher for ED 803-8248
Tara Langemaat Resource Teacher 803-8234
Inga Moore Resource Teacher 803-8216
Brittany Sullivan Resource Teacher 803-8243
Kristine Frame Resource Teacher 803-8236
Lisa Freeman CIP Teacher 803-8292
Karynn Arnett CIP Spch/Lang. Pathologist 803-4740
Taylor Brittain Speech Language Pathologist 803-5972
Keith Marlow School Psychologist 803-8252
  Franklin Central HS  
Amy Lezon Dept. Chair, Resource Teacher 803-8324
David Coons Resource Teacher 803-5588
Allison Craney Resource Teacher 803-8352
Scott Stenzinger Resource Teacher 803-8358
Erin Klingshirn Resource Teacher 803-5764
Stephanie Okerson Resource Teacher 803-5761
Brenda Crenshaw Teacher for ED Classroom 803-5599
Jessica Shipp Resource Teacher 803-5643
Pam Speckman Resource Teacher for ED 803-5578
Randi Tolbert Resource Teacher 803-5683
Echo Branch CIP Teacher 803-5770
Phillip Combs CIP Teacher 803-5689
Katie Kunkle CIP Teacher 803-5579
Laura Glassmeyer School Psychologist 803-5642
Anna Knaup Speech/Language Pathologist CIP Only
Angela Black Speech/Language Pathologist Other speech needs