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Meet The Staff/Staff Directory


Teacher Subject/Grade Room Phone Email
Language Arts Department Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that teacher!      
Kaiti Deerberg Language 7th 210 317-803-8152 kaiti.deerberg@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Sheila Sego Language 6th 708 317-803-8114 sheila.sego@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Shannon Knaack Language 6th 702 317-803-8120 shannon.knaack@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Courtney Hutchings Language 6th & 7th 701 317-803-8135


Shelley Christiansen Language 8th 202 317-803-8182 shelley.christiansen@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Stephanie Burnett Language 8th 203 317-803-8160 stephanie.burnett@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Rebecca Jones Language 7th & 8th 209 317-803-8140 rebecca.jones@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Caroline Hewitt Language 8th 201 317-803-8141 caroline.hewitt@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Stephanie Dodd Language 7th 211 317-803-8131 stephanie.dodd@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Gayle Rhoades Language 6th 709 317-803-8149 gayle.rhoades@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Math Department  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Rachel Wraley Math 6th 1401 317-803-8144 rachel.wraley@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Joe Talhelm Math 6th 1602 317-803-8138 joseph.talhelm@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Sandy Robertson Math 6th & 7th 1601 317-803-8150 sandy.robertson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Matt Sweetman Math 6th & 7th 1404 317-803-8148 matt.sweetman@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jami Renner Math 7th 1308 317-803-8133 jami.renner@ftcsc.k12.in.us
John Rockey Math 7th 1309 317-803-8159 john.rockey@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kristy DeVoy Math 7th & 8th 1412 317-803-8130 kristy.devoy@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Lindsey Bramell Math 8th 1408 317-803-8123 lindsey.bramell@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chuck Gillmore Math 8th 1301 317-803-8134 charles.gillmore@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Joe Mann Math 8th 1302 317-803-8145 joe.mann@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Christina Prindle Math 8th 1411 317-803-8085 christina.prindle@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Science Department  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Jane Pittman Science 6th 704 317-803-8175 jane.pittman@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Dawn VanBlarcum Science 6th 707 317-803-8176 dawn.vanblarcum@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Bett Spence Science 6th 1607 317-803-8183 bett.spence@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Abigail Cody Science 6th & 7th 1604 317-803-8082 abigail.samuels@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jason Lucas Science 7th 1421 317-803-8129 jason.lucas@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Michael Pepelea Science 7th 1406 317-803-8151 michael.pepelea@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Melanie Roberts Science 7th & 8th 1421 317-803-8154 melanie.roberts@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Tracey Streit Science 8th 1307 317-803-8155 tracey.streit@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Katie Cadle Science 8th 507 317-803-8126 katie.cadle@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Sally Thompson Science 8th 1304 317-803-8157 sally.thompson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Tamara Mickens Science 7th & 8th 1407 317-803-8086 tamara.mickens@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Social Studies Department  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Matthew Hoard Social Studies 8th 508 317-803-8153 matthew.hoard @ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jacob Smalley Social Studies 7th & 8th 501 317-803-8186 jacob.smalley@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Matt Laker Social Studies 6th 1608 317-803-8163 matt.laker@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chris Griffin Social Studies 6th 1425 317-803-8081 christopher.griffin@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Loren Hamm Social Studies 7th 608 317-803-8137 loren.hamm@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Brian Hackler Social Studies 7th 1609 317-803-8132 brian.hackler@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chris Bogart Social Studies 7th 502 317-803-8124 chris.bogart@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jared Kingery Social Studies 8th 509 317-803-8179 jared.kingery@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jeff Isom Social Studies 8th 612 317-803-8142 jeff.isom@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Rachel Patterson Social Studies 6th & 7th 1422 317-803-8188 rachel.patterson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Ben Kennedy Social Studies 7th & 8th 611 317-803-8125 benjamin.kennedy@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Related Arts Department  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Veronica Curtis Art 1416 317-803-8143 veronica.curtis@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kelly Barnes    Art     1418 317-803-8146 kelly.barnes@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Sarah Dunblazier Band 801 317-803-8139 sarah.dunblazier@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chris Hodgson Band 801 317-803-8087 chris.hodgson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jessica Addy Business 401 317-803-8168 jessica.addy@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Alison Shaw Business 404 317-803-8147 alison.shaw@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jennifer Clifford Choir/General Music 805 317-803-8115 jennifer.clifford@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Rachel Knapp Choir/General Music 607 317-803-8116 rachel.knapp@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Christian Dawson Orchestra 804 317-803-8162 christian.dawson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Samantha Warner Media Specialist 405a 317-803-8170 samantha.warner@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Bob Casselman PE 1101 317-803-8128 bob.casselman@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Cherie Whitaker PE/Health 1201 317-803-8158 cherie.whitaker@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Michelle Gregg PE/Health 625 317-803-8178 michelle.gregg@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Clifford Copass PE/Health 604 317-803-8187 clifford.copass@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Special Education Department  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Misti Smith Special Education 601 317-803-8177 misti.smith@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Amy Buckner Special Education 620 317-803-8196 amy.buckner@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kaitlin Albertson Special Education 616 317-803-8083 kaitlin.albertson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chelsie Kelley Special Education 624 317-803-8164 chelsie.kelley@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Barb Balbach Special Education 619 317-803-8121 barb.balbach@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Laura Poracky Special Education 1415 317-803-8165 laura.poracky@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jessica Rittmeyer Special Education 1405 317-803-8127 jessica.rittmeyer@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Shannon McClard Special Education 1419 317-803-8194 shannon.mcclard@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Erin Carr SLP 405M 317-803-8167 erin.carr@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Beth Garyson ENL 405J 317-803-8172 elizabeth.garyson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Leann Robson CIP 615 317-803-8169 leann.robson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Front Office  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!      
Chase Huotari Principal 106 317-803-8101 chase.huotari@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Amy Miller Asst. Prin. 7th A-M & All 6th 109 317-803-8103 amy.miller@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Rob Smith Asst. Prin. 7th N-Z & All 8th  110 317-803-8102 robert.smith@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Ryan Brammer Athletic Coordinator   317-803-8096 ryan.brammer@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kyle McClarnon Counselor 7th A-M & All 6th 113 317-803-8108 kyle.mcclarnon@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Sarah Ready Counselor 7th N-Z & All 8th 112 317-803-8109 sarah.ready@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jeana Zeimetz Food Service Manager   317-803-8113 jeana.zeimetz@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Leonie Henson Custodial Manager   317-803-8136 leonie.henson@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Nicole Eckerty Office Manager 118 317-803-8106 nicole.eckerty@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kathryn Meredith Student Services 117 317-803-8110 kathryn.meredith@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Chris Kramer Treasurer / Bookstore 115 317-803-8105 chris.kramer@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jana Belden In School Suspension 123 317-803-8111 jana.belden@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Mellisa Nichols Media Clerk 405 317-803-8171 mellisa.nichols@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Kerra Waters Clinic 102 317-803-8161 kerra.waters@ftcsc.k12.in.us
Jennifer Smith Attendance/Receptionist   317-803-8100


Keith Marlow School Psychologist 619 317-803-8252


*Above is the Middle School Staff Directory.  Please click on a teacher or staff member's name to learn more about that staff member!